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designPH & PHPP

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Upcoming training: Certified Passive House Designer (CEPH) Course - 07 - 17 May 2015

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The course duration is 9 full days and include lectures, exercises, blower door test workshop and PHPP workshop. Students who have successfully completed the course "Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant" could go in for an examination for certificate.

Students, successfully passed the exam will receive the title "Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant " and their names will be entered indatabase of Certified Passive House Designers


Upcoming events

International CEPH exam
Certified Passive House Designer course (CEPH)
PHPP workshop
designPH workshop
International CEPH exam
28 March 2015
Language: Bulgarian/English
7 - 17 May 2015
Language: Bulgarian
16 - 17 May 2015
Language: Bulgarian
22 May 2015
Language: Bulgarian
29 May 2015
Language: Bulgarian/English