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Upcoming training: Certified Passive House Designer (CEPH) Course - 10 - 20 September 2015

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The course duration is 9 full days and include lectures, exercises, blower door test workshop and PHPP workshop. Students who have successfully completed the course "Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant" could go in for an examination for certificate.

Students, successfully passed the exam will receive the title "Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant " and their names will be entered indatabase of Certified Passive House Designers


Upcoming events

Certified Passive House Designer course (CEPH)
PHPP workshop
designPH workshop
International CEPH exam
10 - 20 September 2015
Language: Bulgarian
19 - 20 September 2015
Language: Bulgarian
25 September 2015
Language: Bulgarian
10 October 2015
Language: Bulgarian/English